How to recover your coc account or village

​Get Back Lost Clash Of Clans Village
I never thought getting back COC account would be so easy. All you need to do is simple task. Process is as follows :
Step 1 : Open Clash of Clans and tap on setting section. Here you will find help and support section. This section gives solutions to all your queries about game. Below is the hint page

Open Lost Village

Steps 2 : Lost Village could be clearly seen on second number. Tap on this topic and find your appropriate thread.

Open Marked Thread

Step 3 : Click on I lost my village! How do I get it back ?, or something like that. Here you will get all detail about procedure. But for your convenience, let me explain you.
At top right corner tap on message button and type your question. This will be your query to Supercell team.
My Message

Now get ready with few details which you need to make a perfect reply. Details like :

Your Game Name, Village Name or User Name (All are same).

Like my name is – Ultimate Farhan

Clan Name If any.(like-prototype)

Exact Town Hall Level.(10)

Exact experience level.(128xp)

Reply all these exact details when asked by support team through message. After verifying your details and searching through their database Supercell team will get back to you in few days. Processing time may take up to few days. In my friend’s case it took around 4 days.
After complete verification you will get Alphanumeric code through message which you need to enter on Game through link a device option. Don’t worry whole procedure will be explained completely on message itself.
So, this was your solution. If you or your friend is having same issue then follow the same procedure and get back lost Clash of Clans Village without any problem.
For any query feel free to ask us via comment section. I’ll be happy to help. 


Author: Ultimate Farhan

Adviser,writer,professional gamer,Editor

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